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KilianKuro Commissions

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Requested by my friend Icey.

I considered adding frames for:

"Shimmy shakes Shimmy Shake"
"Shook Shimmy shakes Shimmy Shake"
"Shaking shook Shimmy shakes Shimmy Shake"

…but I wasn't able to do it because I didn't have the right program. If anybody would like to take this further, feel free to. :P


safe1557780 artist:surprisepi28 edit114837 edited screencap54100 editor:starry mind19 screencap195435 shimmy shake460 sunset shimmer56766 earth pony191656 pony828888 unicorn258680 2 4 6 greaaat1222 equestria girls177682 mirror magic2346 spoiler:eqg specials4887 animated91124 bipedal30150 book30199 caption17985 cheerleader2452 clothes402190 cropped42860 cute173836 female881945 flailing438 flexible1977 high res20868 image macro35293 in the human world for too long87 know the difference97 lidded eyes24807 majestic as fuck1146 mare405503 meme78009 no sound3234 pleated skirt3952 ponytail15269 raised hoof38524 raised leg6537 request3490 saddle bag5112 shakeabetes41 shimmerbetes3873 simple background338715 skirt35067 smiling210886 stumbling35 sweater13008 text49977 transparent background176541 twilight's castle3270 vector70637 weapons-grade cute3120 webm9732


not provided yet


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