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safe1726115 artist:prismspark92 applejack171459 fluttershy214773 pinkie pie218098 rainbow dash236100 rarity183546 twilight sparkle302987 alicorn228289 earth pony256227 pegasus299616 pony986400 unicorn331923 cheek squish917 duckface1083 ear fluff30312 faic12414 female1380503 funny face316 funny faces28 mane six32225 mare490481 squishy cheeks2429 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124847 upside down5636


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Background Pony #5BE9
Twilight: Let's play the funny face game.
(spoon spins, points at Rarity)
Rarity: (makes a funny face)
(spoon spins, points at Pinkie Pie)
Pinkie Pie: (makes a funny face)
(spoon spins, points at Twilight)
Twilight: (makes a funny face)
(spoon spins, points at Rainbow Dash)
Rainbow Dash: (makes a funny face)
(spoon spins, points at Applejack)
Applejack: (makes a funny face)
(spoon spins, points at Fluttershy)
Fluttershy: Oh. I don't know what would happen if a make a funny face. (makes a really funny face)
Pinkie Pie: WOW! That's a funny face alright.
Mane 6: (make funny faces)