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Well I needed to do the fluffy one. I was going to do multicolored hair outlines for multicolored hair, but it kept looking bad so I didn’t.
safe (1425316)artist:lightningbolt (671)derpibooru exclusive (20236)pegasus (187024)pony (688039)alex gaskarth (12)all time low (18)butt fluff (171)cheek fluff (3124)clothes (354530)dyed mane (202)dyed tail (44)ear fluff (17716)fluffy (11474)folded wings (3178)hoof fluff (625)looking at you (120039)male (256660)movie accurate (753)ponified (34197)shirt (17116)simple background (289887)solo (873782)stallion (72617)svg (2924).svg available (6753)tail feathers (660)transparent background (151418)t-shirt (2684)vector (66422)wing fluff (1229)wings (52643)

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