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My commision from
This is the version with adult Nyx of older comission which is available here The artist hadn't uploaded this version himself.
Full resolution without patreon logo, as many other interesting things are available on Karakatiza Team Patreon

The game upposed to be (Potion-Making. University Course with red and blue decks but should 7-8 cards in hands) which popular in my family. In fact every character was supposed to have somebody's representation and Nyx represents me (with gender swapping) so this version should be first. But when we came to idea of using filly Nyx it was suspended.

"Eye of The Beast" amulet reduces damage taken from Elite Monsters by 10%. That's how it works in "Royal Quest" MMORPG. Must be good for protector of ponies. Or may be it's just a trinket coming with one of Equestrian versions of D&D games.
safe1590028 artist:kirillk128 princess cadance30577 shining armor21961 twilight sparkle284939 oc613584 oc:nyx2114 alicorn198313 pony856963 unicorn271748 adopted175 adopted daughter15 adopted oc21 adopted offspring1006 alicorn oc22497 aunt and niece378 aura763 book30787 bookshelf3106 brother266 brother and sister3637 card2659 card game252 daughter578 detailed705 family4061 female934009 game3288 games91 globe288 golden oaks library4523 happy27993 headband2960 heart43694 hooves on the table161 horn45102 husband19 husband and wife1240 indoors1918 ink1240 inkwell391 levitation10691 library2899 link in description302 magic66603 magic aura3070 male310673 manual20 mare421536 married277 moon21272 mother2211 mother and daughter5179 niece26 nostrils423 patreon12451 pen1106 plant2312 plants243 playing1360 playing games16 pot487 princess2066 quill2512 quill pen173 royalty996 shelf455 shield2002 siblings6311 signature19275 sister303 sister-in-law35 sisters-in-law89 sitting55885 stairs1515 stallion94445 stars13713 table8326 telekinesis24947 text51858 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116312 uncle26 uncle and niece95 wall of tags2431 website211 wife74 wings79151


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Why there's a wall of tags like for the incest-porn content? OK I copied them from prev version and deleted some which became unrelated but who and why inserted them in the 1st place.
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Nyx can have small advantage with 2 recipes completed but the game just started they still have near full decks.

BTW 2 vs 2 game is possible too.
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