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My commision from  
This is the version with adult Nyx of older comission which is available here The artist hadn’t uploaded this version himself.  
Full resolution without patreon logo, as many other interesting things are available on Karakatiza Team Patreon
The game upposed to be (Potion-Making. University Course with red and blue decks but should 7-8 cards in hands) which popular in my family. In fact every character was supposed to have somebody’s representation and Nyx represents me (with gender swapping) so this version should be first. But when we came to idea of using filly Nyx it was suspended.
“Eye of The Beast” amulet reduces damage taken from Elite Monsters by 10%. That’s how it works in “Royal Quest” MMORPG. Must be good for protector of ponies. Or may be it’s just a trinket coming with one of Equestrian versions of D&D games.

safe2175386 artist:kirillk168 princess cadance40073 shining armor28090 twilight sparkle357956 oc948053 oc:nyx2474 alicorn314670 pony1603566 unicorn538440 g42030367 adopted418 adopted daughter97 adopted oc29 adopted offspring1476 alicorn oc36491 aunt and niece647 aura1146 book43593 bookshelf5661 brother827 brother and sister6853 card3406 card game383 daughter937 detailed1193 family5725 female1803924 game4839 games109 globe459 golden oaks library7003 happy44559 headband5580 heart76556 hooves on the table289 horn191053 husband77 husband and wife2373 indoors8210 ink1526 inkwell643 levitation16256 library4197 link in description1185 magic96697 magic aura9010 male551216 manual29 mare741729 married742 moon31428 mother2823 mother and daughter8412 niece86 nostrils915 patreon15312 pen1618 plant3449 plants486 playing1973 playing games21 pot710 princess3404 quill3393 quill pen244 royalty1868 shelf851 shield2735 siblings21835 signature44148 sister736 sister-in-law32 sisters-in-law1211 sitting92447 stairs2197 stallion195849 stars23430 table13078 telekinesis39088 text89693 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149492 uncle33 uncle and niece171 wall of tags6658 website366 wife169 wings223242


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Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl

Why there’s a wall of tags like for the incest-porn content? OK I copied them from prev version and deleted some which became unrelated but who and why inserted them in the 1st place.
Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl

Nyx can have small advantage with 2 recipes completed but the game just started they still have near full decks.
BTW 2 vs 2 game is possible too.