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suggestive159569 artist:blues641259 artist:marauder62721939 fluttershy227505 queen chrysalis37380 rarity194750 oc776473 oc:sinyxstra82 anthro292068 unguligrade anthro54552 series:the snack shack43 absolute cleavage4264 between breasts1019 big breasts95907 bowl1899 breasts315070 busty fluttershy19411 busty queen chrysalis4170 busty rarity14507 chair7705 cleavage38309 clothes518211 cup7101 erect nipples13036 female1499592 females only14174 food79714 high res74208 huge breasts44671 hyper12432 hyper breasts5520 impossibly large breasts18997 nipple outline8803 salad407 sideboob11780 sitting71818 smiling296530 straw2145 string bikini821 swimsuit32201 table10284 tray927


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PSA: R0 was changed!
“Go ahead, grab it. I promise nothing will happen” - Chrysalis.
Rarity is, for good reason, a little hesitant to get her drink. Sinyxstra is rather surprised though that there’s another mare that can rival her boss’ bust. Hard not to stare really.
Some of the best service ever! Even if your drink does have a 75% chance of being consumed by changeling cleavage…

In Treue fest
The difference in presentation style between the queen and her drone is worth noting.  
Sinyxstra, it seems, has a rather conventional method, though there seems to be little space left on the table.  
On the other hand, Chrysalis prefers a more personal touch. One can only hope her customers appreciate it.