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Updated. Fixed her tail.
safe1692139 artist:pizzamovies424 derpibooru exclusive28091 fluttershy211242 pony954255 animated97888 badass3247 bipedal33843 blushing195264 bolter221 bullet casing17 eyes closed91916 face of mercy245 female1350057 flutterbadass772 gif30580 gun15820 hoof hold8226 mare473956 muzzle flash46 ponies with guns78 purge9 shooting497 smiling244196 solo1054516 this will end in death2407 this will end in tears3313 this will end in tears and/or death2268 warhammer (game)2081 warhammer 40k2009 weapon30220 who needs trigger fingers53


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Background Pony #DE89
O I’m crying I to don’t fear death in fact I’m the only one who looks forward to my death no mater who painful or violent it is as long as I die happy it ok with me hehehe
Background Pony #4A7F
@Communist Starlight
So ya don't fear death, ay? That's a good thing, as we're all gonna die, eventually. Here in Canada, it will either be from a bear attack, or from a Covid-carrying, cad from the States, ay. Or maybe death will come while ya wait for our free healthcare after you've been bit by that bear, or maybe after you were bit by a covid-carrying Yank ay?
Anywho, we don't have any beef with ya Communists, ay. Especially as were kinda one and the same, ay? Except we don't have any desire to invade the states. They're in some serious need for our free mental healthcare down there, ay. Except they'd overload our overloaded system, so you can have em, ay.
Background Pony #D9DE
Hay communist starlight is me liberty prime and you have been detected on Canadian soil engaging with extreme thethality
Background Pony #DE89
Sory I meant YES fluttersy yes fire that bolter and don’t stop until all the hereatic are dead
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Standing Fluttershy with a Boltgun.

Good luck getting close to her.

Surprised her arms aren't flying out of her sockets at this point.

Maybe she's secretly an Adeptus Astartes? Might explain The Stare.
Background Pony #6DA3
O.o welp im gonna run in terror now. Fluttershy with a bolter and a smile is bad news.