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Confirmado: La 4ª pared tiene Kriptonita.

(que alguien le explique eso a Applejack)

Confirmed: The 4th wall has Kryptonite.

(someone explain that to Applejack)
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Background Pony #4447
AJ you choice the wrong 4th wall for Super can break it! The 4th wall has Kryptonite can not be break by superman, Superman is weak to Kryptonite!
Tokio Toy


Well, yes, that had to happen, in the comics they often go beyond many limits and transgress multiple logics: they are not rare, they are The Incarnate Absurd on Earth (and in this Universe).

That's why we love Comic.

And we should ask Deadpool would really be able to be defeated and disintegrated in that way: something tells me that it will be in vain with any other attempt. Do you remember all the times he was beheaded? Did that ever stop him?
Tokio Toy


Well, that is true that I do not remember, and see that I liked that saga (I wonder where the hell I kept their printed magazines that I bought years ago, I will have to download them).

And I would say that, right there, we have a history.
Duck - "Your complacency in crap like this is helping normalize the quacking."

Also the core Superman shattered the walls barring the dimensions holding the multiverse together while fighting an alternate universe version of himself. To say nothing of how many times Superman looked directly at the reader and gave an inspirational speech or something.

Comics are weird.

@Tokio Toy
If the 4th wall worked that way then Deadpool would have been atomized, like, long ago.
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@Tokio Toy
Well, the Infinite Crisis event was started by Superboy Prime punching the Wall of Time so hard that it shattered all the universe's continuity, so that's at least one.
Tokio Toy

Perhaps that the Fourth Wall learned from its past defeats and became unbeatable this time.

As far as I am concerned, that can happen

(and yes, the one who drew the Man of Steel
being insulted in his death *by a very
badly spoken Pony says …*

what a crazy universe this is)