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suggestive159587 artist:maarthul305 twilight sparkle319788 unicorn393265 anthro292128 unguligrade anthro54558 ass58797 big breasts95942 bikini20679 book36867 breasts315136 busty twilight sparkle13479 butt134318 clothes518328 female1499839 huge breasts44678 lifeguard2289 looking at you195936 looking back66951 looking back at you19421 mare556278 sitting71859 solo1181726 solo female195402 stupid sexy twilight1190 swimsuit32209 the ass was fat16686 twibutt6511 twilight has a big ass566 unicorn twilight22195


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Background Pony #4FC0
Climbing up that fence won’t be easy, but that delicious prize on top will be worth it! :P :3
Background Pony #757E
Careful now! Don’t get too engrossed in your book. We still need you to actually look at the water every now and then.
Background Pony #2C79
Nice curves Twilight ;)  
Sexiest nerd ever.
I would like to see Starlight with this art style tbh.