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Okay, here's a very special treat for you, an expanded "special deluxe edition" of this which in turn is an expanded version of this. This version has been quite hard to find until now.

The link used to lead to where I've originally found it more than six years ago; now the only place where it can be seen (except for Derpibooru now) is this post of mine on
artist needed25573 dead source20868 safe1618303 edit123318 edited screencap59363 screencap211172 applejack162845 big macintosh27123 bon bon15693 carrot top5230 derpy hooves48683 dj pon-328454 fluttershy203303 gilda9258 golden harvest5230 nightmare moon16178 pinkie pie207774 princess celestia91289 princess luna95618 rainbow dash224316 rarity174007 spike75836 sweetie drops15694 twilight sparkle288687 vinyl scratch28455 alicorn206652 dragon51051 earth pony216840 griffon25189 pegasus258194 pony885795 unicorn286289 10 seconds flat47 20% cooler407 absinthe20 alcohol6375 apple cider374 applejack's hat6068 artifact1088 background pony9648 big macintosh's yoke91 cardboard twilight330 clothes427058 club soda2 cocktail281 cowboy hat14099 dress41224 drink4534 drinks on da house1 eeyup189 eyes closed84325 female1288178 fire10527 fire breath536 gin8 hat79736 implied batman4 irish cream2 juice1231 lidded eyes28266 male344715 mane seven6161 mane six30412 mare440420 needs more jpeg1429 nos18 orange juice135 quadrupedal1537 raised hoof40869 recipe116 rum60 s1 luna7048 scrunchy face6854 southern comfort2 spread wings49761 sprite (brand)7 sriracha6 stallion98123 stock vector1035 sunglasses13465 tabasco14 text53684 tonic water2 unicorn twilight14485 upside down5193 vodka223 wings88343


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I've checked, and this wasn't on Derpibooru when I uploaded it.

I've linked to the versions with 9 and 14 drinks.

And no, I haven't made it, nor have I edited it. I would have credited myself in the tags and the comment if I had.
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Whoever made this doesn't know their drinks as well as they should, also singling out a single character and not putting any effort into it is really low tier bait. I get that this is an ancient list from ages ago but still. Then again, it could be worse I suppose. I give it a 5/10.