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New AJ sucks man. That’s all I have to say.
safe1811011 artist:corporalvortex81 part of a set15038 applejack177506 earth pony290914 pony1149883 alternate cutie mark1821 alternate design3319 alternate hairstyle30187 applejack (g5 concept leak)254 applejack's hat9561 bandana5696 braid6728 clothes498915 coat markings6407 colored hooves7262 cowboy hat18539 cute213730 ear fluff34490 female1456175 g5 concept leak style970 g5 concept leaks967 hat95674 jackabetes6510 mare531115 masculine mare29 redesign2717 scarf25191 simple background433307 smiling280969 socks72111 socks (coat markings)3808 solo1143979 standing14471 straw in mouth1125 unshorn fetlocks29909 white background108612


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@Background Pony #090C  
Maybe the racial representation thing was just something they wanted to decide in advance for a possible Equestria Girls reboot? I actually have no problem with that (as long it’s handled right), the only problem I actually have is with the production team wanting to erase Applejack’s country roots and maybe drastically changing her colour scheme (mainly because orange is my favourite colour). They really shouldn’t do that! Unless the only colour scheme change they do is adding a red streak to her blonde mane (I think it would look kinda neat). I’m more than okay with Applejack as a tough, scrappy mare of short stature who has had a difficult life since birth and has to work a little harder than everyone else, but they should just keep her country accent and mannerisms intact.
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@Background Pony #15EA  
There’s a good chance she’s just the overseer of the project, but at the very least the people who insisted they needed racial representation in a world completely separate from human bullshit aren’t the ones in charge, per hasbro’s newest announcement.
Background Pony #EE1B
Boulder Media is actually going to be the animation studio for G5. The leaked emails mention them lots of times (if I’m not wrong, half of the concept arts for G5 is stored in their database).
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@Background Pony #090C  
Meghan as a showrunner would be pretty nice, but isn’t she a bit too busy? She basically oversees an entire department of Hasbro, that would take too much time.
Background Pony #5BDE
Considering that they just announced the movie will have Meghan McCarthy as showrunner and typical industry standard is to hire the new consultants as showrunners if you pick them up, this crappy new AJ might be dead. God I hope so.