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Requested by AzriBoss
Original image

If you have any suggestions for future color edits send me message with a link.
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explicit361519 alternate version49818 artist:poprocks421 color edit7783 colorist:ironhades328 edit135899 twilight velvet4465 zecora9541 zebra18369 anthro269602 abdominal bulge6534 ahegao25636 armpits43393 balls79570 blushing204679 bouncing5079 bouncing breasts3965 breasts288741 breeding1063 busty twilight velvet843 busty zecora1226 camera4092 camera shot1275 colored19863 crossbreeding342 cuckolding788 dialogue67952 female1401967 futa47351 futa on female11997 futa zecora392 gilf557 hair pulling977 heart eyes17513 high res32743 horn77632 horngasm926 implied night light40 impregnation3142 infidelity6908 intersex45176 milf9956 milf breeding110 mind break1441 nipples175426 nudity382363 open mouth154394 orgasm12262 penetration61023 penis159096 recording1094 sex125725 shipping205671 tongue out108275 vaginal41057 velvecora10 wingding eyes23457 zebra supremacy628 zebradom1329


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Altair the dragon-horse
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It was less a comment on the image and more of a jab at the kind of people that like the cuck and/or zigger memes (which are memes I never thought to be organic). I see snarking on it made someone butthurt though.

I don't mind that it was deleted, but I do find it very interesting (and amusing) that it was deleted for Rule 4 and not Rule 0, as it should have been.

I will gladly tell anyone what it said.