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Who minds a little mind control if it's about love, right?
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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
Things like this were honestly what made me have an entirely different interpretation of this old story arch…. I had a much, MUCH darker idea of what Cadence's role was supposed to be in the show before Chrysalis was actually revealed.

Before it became more obvious that the mean grown-up version of her wasn't really her, I was honestly under the assumption that the moral of the story was going to be really sad. I thought it was gonna be a warning not to look at your childhood heroes with nostalgic, rose colored glasses. Like that all along, Cadence was actually a bad person and manipulative, and Twilight never saw this side of her because she was young and naive.

If you think of it that way it's a really mean but actually important lesson to teach younger audiences because that is a very real problem — you have to be careful not to ignore your better judgement because of your heart, and sometimes seemingly wonderful people, can actually be the worst of people. This little flashback made me feel like it was foreshadowing a reveal like that, because on one hand you can look at Cadence and think she was being nice and helping a couple through problems, but on the other hand, you just literally witnessed mind control.

I love Cadence for what she actually turned out to be like, but still this is a really interesting and dark direction that could have gone. Imagine if that was the whole point…. That she really was just manipulative and evil, and she was mind-controlling Twilight's brother because she was a gold digger and he had some kind of quality she liked, and there was no Changeling arch at all.