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This picture used for r34 edit of Princess Luna for MUGEN and original belongs Arjinmoon
I maded colored Pixel art.
explicit338732 artist:arjinmoon151 artist:zeka10000213 princess luna97330 alicorn215326 pony923241 chest fluff36540 cute192607 female1322067 human vagina on pony3761 looking at you160217 lunabetes3432 nudity356804 pixel art10072 simple background377768 solo1033595 solo female175682 spread wings52064 standing11533 transparent background195461 vulva122837 wings97403


not provided yet


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Background Pony #F92A

Nice edit.
I'm curious, how will you use it in MUGEN? As a player profile pic? Background image? Never played it myself, but I know it allows you to mod it in many ways.