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Gonna try to put this up because it’s such a beautiful Music Video.
safe1767022 edit137628 edited screencap68615 screencap231060 apple bloom51504 applejack174560 autumn blaze4061 berry punch6684 berryshine6684 big macintosh28989 button mash4175 cup cake4280 derpy hooves50980 discord32063 dj pon-329819 filthy rich1179 flash magnus862 fluttershy218774 gallus7067 grand pear264 granny smith5460 huckleberry382 king sombra14335 lightning dust4637 lord tirek5459 matilda528 maud pie12807 meadowbrook857 minuette6002 mistmane798 moondancer5021 nightmare moon17329 november rain595 ocellus5483 octavia melody24339 owlowiscious2022 pinkie pie221617 princess cadance33363 princess celestia97218 princess flurry heart7571 princess luna101280 queen chrysalis35709 rainbow dash240081 rarity186991 rockhoof1174 sandbar5649 scootaloo52141 shining armor23762 silverstream6355 smolder8312 soarin'14269 somnambula1989 spike80997 spitfire13770 star swirl the bearded2072 starlight glimmer50129 sunset shimmer65385 sweetie belle49969 tank2794 thorax4518 tree of harmony723 trixie69134 twilight sparkle308076 vinyl scratch29819 yona5267 alicorn235631 changedling8886 changeling50459 changeling queen18083 draconequus13105 dragon59514 earth pony273194 griffon28249 hippogriff10244 pegasus315349 pony1026916 unicorn349324 yak4777 a canterlot wedding2951 a hearth's warming tail1523 a royal problem2195 amending fences1266 apple family reunion1116 baby cakes693 castle sweet castle1352 crusaders of the lost mark1659 fall weather friends779 filli vanilli1234 friendship is magic3064 it's about time773 keep calm and flutter on1079 lesson zero1553 magic duel2184 magical mystery cure2462 maud pie (episode)1302 molt down872 no second prances1888 pinkie apple pie1037 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2709 road to friendship1606 school daze2821 school raze2371 season 12732 season 22221 season 31183 season 42934 season 51818 season 61086 season 7965 season 81311 season 91397 shadow play1321 she's all yak1191 sleepless in ponyville1281 slice of life (episode)1813 sonic rainboom (episode)1064 sounds of silence3375 tanks for the memories1479 testing testing 1-2-31415 the best night ever1467 the crystal empire2885 the crystalling2205 the cutie map4167 the cutie re-mark3237 the last roundup1121 the perfect pear1449 the return of harmony1785 to where and back again2784 twilight's kingdom3180 winter wrap up1120 absolutely everypony1 animated101756 apple family559 applejack's hat8867 background pony10538 claws5291 colt15661 cowboy hat17666 crying45260 crystal heart897 cutie mark50482 cutie mark crusaders19410 dragoness9116 element of generosity951 element of honesty940 element of kindness1056 element of loyalty1126 element of magic2419 elements of harmony2519 end of ponies796 eyes closed99700 female1416127 filly70694 filly twilight sparkle2798 flying39934 friendship student1762 future twilight1067 golden oaks library5260 group hug952 hat91756 hug29379 japanese8437 male393126 mane six32827 mare509622 music video315 photo82137 pillars of equestria288 ponies the anthology vii31 ponytones139 ponytones outfit213 ponyville6135 rainbow power2860 school of friendship1328 siblings9841 sisters9552 sky15224 sound9703 spread wings58010 stallion118145 student six1675 teenager4797 the legend of heroes3 the legend of heroes:sen no kiseki3 trails of cold steel 22 tree34071 twilight snapple2078 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126989 twilight's castle4135 unicorn twilight19112 wall of tags3747 we're apples to the core3 webm14756 winged spike8598 wings126212 younger17908


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Background Pony #9C78
Oh wow, it’s a reference of the ending of an anime i never seen…  
So emotional, the FEELINGS
Background Pony #9031
Sigh….well, at least I’ll remain a fan forever! Even after the show ends! 😀 And I’m damn proud of it!