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Fun oc/sona i made, kinda leaning towards using this one for my less work-friendly art and cosmo for my more work friendly art…maybe? if i'm not a coward and actually post the nsfw i make.
tobias is a bateleur eargle / snow leopard griffon and he's a lot more bark than bite. he's a bit of a nomad; traveling place to place to see new sights and meet new people? ponies, as despite his tendency to be put others off with his stature and attitude, he seeks new experiences to challenge the lingering dullness in his life. he usually carries a saddle bag with the very bare essentials…and a journal, where he'll sketch interesting things he finds. the journal is the most precious thing to him, as it's tattered pages are filled to the brim with drawings of different cities, plants, and creatures all across equestria.


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