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If you are in Baltimore for some reason (👀), I have some nsfw Fluttershy/Flutterbat dakis with me, modified two way tricot, $90! DM me on @RatofDrawn

if you can meet up tonight or tomorrow and are interested! I'll give you a free lewd sticker too 💕
explicit361699 artist:ratofdrawn1130 fluttershy217310 bat pony52231 pegasus309429 pony1011379 adorasexy10137 anatomically correct24830 anus100316 apple16764 bat ponified2840 bedroom eyes61401 body pillow3751 body pillow design2426 butt66011 clitoris28432 cute205799 cute porn6369 cutie mark49736 dock52126 duality4378 fangs26716 female1402652 floppy ears54560 flutterbat6943 flutterbutt5385 food73023 frog (hoof)13890 hoofbutt1355 lidded eyes31820 lip bite12050 looking at you175812 looking back60159 looking back at you15999 mare502570 nudity382550 plot82171 ponut45600 race swap14673 sexy30714 shyabetes14514 smiling261276 solo1094949 solo female183728 underhoof53886 vulva132412 vulvar winking12383


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Damn it, I wish I knew of this. I never got to go to the clop things that went on during Bronycon. I would love to have gotten this and whatever the sticker was.
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