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Even Crystal Prep isn’t spared Twilight’s mishap.

full “I don’t know why, but I get this feeling TWILIGHT is somehow behind this.”

full “If she is, I gotta thank her. I LOVE unicorns!”
full “Uh…”
full “Say, is it getting WARM in here?”
full “…” *Faint!*
full “I’m KIDDING!”

Oh Cadance… xD

Well, it would seem these love birds- um… love HORSES are going to have quite a day ^^

Eighth follow-up to this ^^

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Part 17: >>2356019 (DNP’d; available here)
Part 18: >>2371646

safe1751803 artist:90sigma852 artist:amante56143 artist:bbbhuey152 artist:cloudyglow2249 artist:dashiesparkle edit467 artist:dipi11109 artist:jeatz-axl670 artist:jonnydash10 artist:kingdark0001156 artist:kishmond75 artist:lazypixel73 artist:luckreza8887 artist:lyricgemva41 artist:mixiepie399 artist:mokrosuhibrijac33 artist:rustle-rose50 artist:sketchmcreations1702 artist:sollace704 artist:thebosscamacho50 part of a set13501 alumnus shining armor221 dean cadance1172 lemon zest3228 princess cadance33162 shining armor23652 alicorn233090 earth pony266437 pony1011694 unicorn342792 comic:the big whoopsie15 equestria girls207363 :o3906 absurd resolution67020 arm behind back6456 bedroom eyes61429 blushing204847 clothes476406 comic111536 crossed arms5363 crown17983 crystal prep academy954 crystal prep academy uniform3458 dialogue68097 equestria girls ponified4380 eyes closed98253 eyeshadow16600 female1402997 grin41026 headphones8099 human to pony1233 jewelry68466 lidded eyes31830 looking back60141 magic75452 magical wave17 makeup22853 male388438 mare502754 onomatopoeia4582 open mouth154663 part of a series2745 ponified42021 principal cadance21 prone26376 pun7684 question mark4706 raised hoof48465 regalia21181 school uniform7446 screaming3543 shining armor is not amused51 shiningcadance2745 shipping205823 show accurate17063 smiling261402 sound effects2260 speech bubble24424 stallion115887 story included9555 straight140449 surprised9597 thought bubble3572 transformation11332 unamused16769 vector77890 wide eyes17410


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Background Pony #97B5

Cadance is just excited to have an interesting character design. Seriously, in EqG really won in that department, but some characters really lost.