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TRIXIE IS TRANS #bronycon2019

(Tzeentch would be proud)
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The more the people are triggered by the "Trixie is trans" meme (i don’t get why the fandom accept basically any mare as lesbian, but if someone says "X is trans" it starts a shitstorm. There is nothing inherently bad in Trixie being trans) the more it gets real. Remember kids.
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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!

I thought that whoever who put up the Trans Trixie flag would win their own LGBT fanbase (and the favour of Tzeentch), at least.

Otherwise, it is just another fail being repeated again.

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Ketsu wo taberu~
Oh I was there for this on Friday night. Vylet’s music was alright but this entire intro was so cringey.

>crawls on stage
>no music
>I-I didn’t get a soundcheck guys, mic test
>silence for at least ten minutes while they try to fiddle with cables and buttons
>occasionally trying to be funny but nobody can understand what they’re saying
>keeps dropping a live mic
>trans flag with Trixie eventually gets awkwardly carried off stage, dj is still trying to save their show
>PRESS PLAY chants begin
>another ten minutes go by until they finally plug something in and start playing 5/10 alright tunes