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Following a series of wild and bizarre events you find yourself enjoying the company of the Nun, Lamika. As the evening progresses, you find yourself enjoying your time spent together, so much so that you converse well into the night. As your time together nears its end Lamika's asks if you would escort her to her bedroom?

A. Say No, and Bid her Goodnight.

B. Say yes, and Escort her to her room!


A CYOA featuring Nun Lamika!!

Take the time to vote in the poll or leave your answer so that we can see where things will go from here!

safe1751177 artist:rarityismywaifu52 oc712338 oc only465711 oc:lamika214 pegasus309368 anthro269673 blushing204761 candle4905 candlelight208 candlelight dinner7 chains5114 clothes476256 cross767 cyoa3241 dialogue68083 dinner239 eyes closed98169 eyeshadow16585 female1402456 freckles30138 jewelry68384 lipstick11648 makeup22835 mare502471 nun537 pegasus oc13104 poll285 smiling261182 solo1094798 story included9543 table9519 text62223 wings123262


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