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Its for the animals
suggestive148485 artist:tjpones3215 fluttershy217494 pony1012760 bipedal36248 bipedal leaning1824 blushing204997 chest fluff41338 clothes476757 curtains2060 female1404065 frilly underwear4509 leaning3737 leggings2159 lingerie10850 missing wing247 monochrome152392 panties51528 solo1096001 standing12945 underwear62557


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Background Pony #A806
To be fair, Fluttershy with no wings, color or cutie mark and Trixie with no horn, color or cutie mark do look very similar.
Background Pony #AE2B
@Background Pony #C282  
Ah, yes, I forgot about the money fairy. Always leaving wads of cash.
… And a trampoline that one time. But mostly cash.
@Background Pony #EFDA
The intention was more like burlesque show than outright prostitution.
Ah, ok. I was legitimately uncertain about that, so I appreciate your clearing it up.
Background Pony #AE2B
I just noticed what it says at the source.  
Fluttershy’s Moonlighting
Its for the animals
So… does that warrant the [prostitution] tag then? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the implication here.
And let’s face it, that would explain how she keeps that animal sanctuary open, despite an apparent lack of steady income…