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safe (1428290)artist:heavymetalbronyyeah (326)rainbow dash (203776)pegasus (187811)pony (697369)blatant lies (1055)blushing (153701)cheek fluff (3142)chest fluff (25719)clothes (355409)cute (148348)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2571)dashabetes (6650)ear fluff (17779)eyeshadow (10473)hnnng (2048)i'm not cute (317)leg fluff (1748)looking at you (120356)makeup (14073)pink socks (40)rainbow dash always dresses in style (1378)shoulder fluff (1161)socks (49093)solo (875443)speech bubble (16657)striped socks (16610)tsunderainbow (335)tsundere (2404)wing fluff (1235)


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Background Pony #0DFB
Of course not; you were already cute, the socks just help accentuate your cuteness.
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