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Artist’s comment:
The final FINAL line up for BronyCon.  
Just as last year, other than Flutterbat, Pinkie Pie, Autumn Blaze, & that strange creature in the back, everyone else was done just inside 3 weeks.  
Its gonna be a good con, I know it. For a lot of you, it’ll be the last time I’ll get to see your faces. But I’ll still be glad to have known you. Its a feeling that’s weird but good.
Visit me at Artist Alley #09
safe1973024 artist:dustysculptures115 apple bloom56427 autumn blaze4862 derpy hooves54032 dj pon-331587 fluttershy238356 octavia melody26017 pinkie pie238710 princess celestia105142 queen chrysalis39087 rarity203269 scootaloo55532 sunset shimmer72693 sweetie belle53493 twilight sparkle333104 vinyl scratch31587 alicorn274725 bat pony64227 changeling58481 changeling queen21148 earth pony362225 kirin12528 pegasus407386 pony1325097 unicorn447168 bronycon2274 bronycon 2019217 equestria girls234081 awwtumn blaze872 balloonbutt5462 bat ponified3886 butt179406 cewestia1894 clothes559876 cloven hooves13143 craft5306 cute236583 cutealis2296 cutie mark crusaders20930 desaturated179 female1604826 filly84944 flutterbat7764 foal29780 irl78298 iwtcird1053 lying down32973 mare619184 meme88896 mirror universe1188 on back29689 on side8207 photo89379 pink-mane celestia2917 plot115407 race swap18075 reversalis278 sculpture3585 shyabates381 shyabetes17010 sprawl20 sultry pose2630 sunset satan1462 sweater17350 tavibetes756 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138631 vinyl ass697 vinylbetes763 wall of tags5427 younger20294


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