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safe1557633 screencap195423 applejack157397 fluttershy195968 pinkie pie201577 rainbow dash217420 rarity168187 spike74272 twilight sparkle280088 alicorn191476 dragon46713 earth pony191613 pegasus233215 pony828765 unicorn258618 the ending of the end1991 leak1539 best friends598 cutie mark39681 female881795 final battle48 folded wings4414 freckles24818 glare7989 gritted teeth10147 group hug751 hug25112 mane seven5851 mane six29042 mare405427 nopony is amused5 raised hoof38518 series finale144 the end203 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113866 winged spike7005 winghug2608 wings72449 worried3346


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