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“Thank you,” were the words she’d said that special night but I’d heard other thoughts in her voice. I didn’t press those thoughts because I understood all too well why she wouldn’t put voice to them. Even when she’d taken so much of the whip that I’d finally had to stop it with the realization that she’d have let me keep going all night. She’d have let me break her and break her some more. The energy had been pure and deep, a place I hadn’t gotten to feel very often porn sites . There was a difference in the desperation and wild delights that went with my usual games and that kind of depth, the dark, seductive waters she’d drawn for both of us with whatever reverence she’d felt in her heart. It hadn’t been a fast kind of game or even a particularly inventive game. It’d been straightforward impact play at the end of her denial period, but it was still something I wasn’t likely to forget.

God, when she’d looked up at me while I roped her collar for a makeshift leash, I’d considered something illegal. Yes, I know it wouldn’t be the first fucking time and that I’d trespassed the hell out of her life, but even so. It would have been breaking the order of things as I had pre-considered them. So I hadn’t broken that yet just as I hadn’t used the copy of her key yet. Sometimes it was hard to have patience but planning these fun little forays out had taught me the value in being patient. So I let her go that night with her other thoughts and words unsaid because she didn’t have to say them. I understood why she didn’t. It was terrifying and from our conversations, I’d learned that Two didn’t have a very traditional dating life. It had been sporadic and promiscuous and she was used to her space. She’d seen movies like anyone else and traditional dating standards had ruined that idea for her. Her scathing comments on things like Valentine’s Day and missionary sex made me laugh. My little Tuesday hated puppies, children, romance in movies, and thoughts of tradition. Cats she could deal with, apparently. She said they were twats like her so she could get along with them easier, but anything needy? Nope.

So it made perfect sense why she didn’t say those words. And she never had to say them first if she didn’t want to. I’d say them first if it came to that. Of course, my language wouldn’t be in three letters and she wouldn’t answer back with a “too” at the end. She’d answer back in screams and tears and terror.

For the time though I kept playing with her by calling her at her store and commanding her to her blindfold. One night I made her hold a mouthful of my cum while I used a play piercing kit to place decorative needle after decorative needle down her legs and through her pussy. She had been snorting in pain while forced to hold what I’d given her. Another time I connected her to a low setting vibrator with a foot pedal control that turned it off. I harnessed the toy inside of her, placed her in strict bondage around her ankles, knees, thighs, and wrists behind her. And for the final touch I placed my worst clover clamps on her with the three weights that made her cry out and sweat in torture. But I gave her an option to relieve herself of the weights by making her kneel in front of a chair, pleasantly pointing out the fact that she could settle down on her heels and let the weights hold on the surface in front of her. “You can even cum as much as you like during the next ten minutes but I suggest you get it out of your system. You’ll be in another three days of denial training afterwards.”