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She likes it hot and steamy, with a whole lotta cream inside. mmmmh
suggestive136765 artist:t72b670 derpibooru exclusive26965 octavia melody23357 earth pony229771 pony918904 beautiful5341 bedroom eyes57038 blushing188945 cute191906 dark4432 female1317983 food66910 looking at you159353 looking over shoulder3638 lying down14173 mare456460 misleading thumbnail1056 mouth hold16624 ponyloaf379 pretty731 raised tail14525 solo1030489 tail24831 tavibetes645 tea2976


not provided yet


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oh, you say that, but, somewhere within your self you know you long for it. that deep gnawing curiosity.

and maybe even… two sugars as well

and here she is, offering the way