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A set of chibis I designed for stickers to sell at Galacon, though I ended up not being able to go.  
I’ll probably try to sell them online sometime.
This is set 1. I definitely want to do more but that will come later.
safe1971892 artist:fluffyxai631 applejack187817 derpy hooves54014 fluttershy238210 owlowiscious2113 pinkie pie238623 rainbow dash259367 rarity203156 starlight glimmer55328 twilight sparkle332970 alicorn274503 butterfly8438 earth pony361594 pegasus406807 pony1323794 unicorn446553 apple19113 book39316 bubble6871 chibi16559 clothes559350 cloud37850 cupcake6324 dress53747 flying47404 food87753 glasses77424 jewelry91293 magic86496 mane six35328 muffin7015 music notes4119 pendant2101 rarity's glasses816 sewing639 simple background501463 singing7456 smiling331328 sticker set154 transparent background247647 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138583


not provided yet


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Oh my gosh yes, I was literally just about to say that these need to be stickers. Hope they definitely go on sale online, and soon!