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suggestive148309 artist:lumineko2817 applejack173212 equestria girls206833 boots22916 braided pigtails184 breasts288487 busty applejack10813 clothes475611 commission72963 country applejack127 cowboy hat17136 dress46030 dress lift208 female1401045 hat90248 legs together970 pantyhose3479 parachute752 paraskirt84 pigtails4940 shoes38701 skirt41049 skirt lift4817 sky14949 skydiving483 solo1093762 solo female183606 stetson5054 twintails1754 upskirt6035


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Background Pony #3BBD
Yeah, Applejack was wearing tights but she having trouble with the wind above the sky when her dress puff up like the paraskirt.