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safe1973024 edit157049 edited screencap80511 screencap263855 smolder10312 dragon72289 a horse shoe-in1453 animated113081 asking94 chair10130 claws6253 cropped56129 crossed arms6882 crossed legs4143 disappointed618 dragoness12125 fangs33290 female1604828 frown28841 gif41470 glare8700 hand on chin178 horns8813 invention28 laboratory757 pouting2236 raised eyebrow7948 shrug1625 sitting78752 smolder is not amused225 solo1269451 spread wings75573 teenaged dragon1393 teenager5929 toes8046 unamused20685


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Son of the Young Master
Smolder: Uhhh, now what?
Dr. Hooves: Oh. I actually hadn’t thought that much beyond this.
Smolder: Ugh.
AWWW what a total bummer!!! We could’ve had MUCH more funner in the local shoddy lab back at the Friendship University!! At least the science had a bit of pizazz to keep the students awake, no matter HOW repetitive these performances might be!!