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Before meeting Rarity, Silk Lace had never been able to realize any of her designs. The first time donning one of her creations brought a warmth to her heart she hadn't known she was missing. If only she had someone to share this happiness with…
suggestive (122708) artist:longinius (618) oc (574571) oc only (393953) oc:silk lace (15) pony (799714) unicorn (244079) bow (22580) choker (8409) clothes (388520) colored (16879) female (849334) flat colors (1614) lace (650) lingerie (9092) magic (62697) mare (388831) panties (44432) ponytail (14654) smiling (202912) solo (938464) solo female (163691) stockings (27472) tail bow (4447) telekinesis (23267) thigh highs (26616) underwear (53006)


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