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A birthday gift I drew for my friend! Now that he has it signed and printed, I can finally upload it to share. ♡ So rare I draw the whole mane six together.

safe2115655 artist:sjart117219 applejack196027 fluttershy251830 pinkie pie249806 rainbow dash272648 rarity212743 twilight sparkle349545 alicorn302266 earth pony422009 pegasus470390 pony1476530 unicorn511519 g41623825 :p13727 awkward1174 birthday gift652 female1737355 laughing10653 mane six36792 mare701662 pile567 pony pile930 scrunchy face8130 shocked9782 silly8676 simple background568170 tongue out141278 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145914 underhoof66544 white background151510


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