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ive been watching too much jojo
safe1975224 artist:anima-dos135 artist:duo cartoonist79 artist:lionheartcartoon111 edit157210 nightmare moon18945 alicorn275144 bat pony64354 bat pony alicorn2824 pony1327556 the moon rises49 bat wings14045 bedroom eyes72727 castle2507 cute236894 dio brando400 ethereal mane10869 eyeshadow22732 female1606736 grin53135 jojo's bizarre adventure3072 looking at you217869 makeup31134 mare620102 moonabetes339 moonbat25 oh you're approaching me63 raised eyebrow7958 redesign3410 slit pupils6257 smiling332337 smirk15926 solo1271323 spread wings75735 text76321 text edit1312 unshorn fetlocks36563 wings175917


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IoM citizen #42
Wallet After Summer Sale -

It still won’t excuse the fact that you keep using a meme that I don’t think it means what you actually mean. Nani?!
Well, I’ll have you know that I have a dream [Giorno piano begins playing]. MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!
Background Pony #65E8
I would NEVER beat her.Just HUG her……..and after this begging for mercy
Background Pony #54F2
It is impossible for me to bludgeon you without putting myself close to you.