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safe1722952 artist:badumsquish1982 derpibooru exclusive28693 trixie67950 pony983397 unicorn330609 accessory swap1711 bedroom eyes60107 cape10496 clothes465609 crossdressing9403 female1377718 grin39405 horn69973 laundromat25 lidded eyes31140 looking at you171399 mare489040 ponies wearing sunburst's socks43 pose5985 reflection3213 robe3697 show accurate15897 smiling253175 socks67232 sunburst's cloak501


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Background Pony #4265
Trixie wearing Sunburst’s robe? That’s just gonna embarrass Starlight.
Background Pony #CB15
Now make a sexy Sunburst trying to fit in clothes to small for him

Doot Doot
That's the face of somepony that knows she's gonna make you question your preference.

Who is that pony? Mare? Stallion? Nobody knows, yet there is none whom can resist his charms and her feminine curves!
Mares want her and Stallions want him! Behold, Star Spangled! The Great and Androgynous!