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Hi there! Right now I wanna try a little thing based off of something I saw someone do a while ago on here. Right now I’m opening 2 slots for a pack of 3 icons in the for a $10 PSN Card (PS Store). Note: anything with one if these (¹) means there is a disclaimer about it down below.


What you will get out of this offer:
You get to choose 3 OCs of your choice (if you wish to use friend’s OCs, let me know), and I’ll get them all done withing 1-2 weeks with the Bidaily update to show you any progress that has been made as well as any improvements or changes I can make. The final resolution will at least be around more or less 2000×2000 Pixels (this will vary icon to icon) and along with the .PNG files, you will also receive the .PSDs¹ as well.


How it will go through:
Simple! Just PM me here or my discord (if you wish to contact me there, I’ll PM you the name). Once we get everything settled, send in SFW references for the OCs (my family uses my phone often). After everything is set to go, I’ll start working on them! if you do wish to change an OC, let me know ASAP.

I’ll update you every two days² on any progress that as been made, these are your chances to let me know if anything can be changed or fixed, or to replace any OC that I haven’t gotten much into or start on yet (If I forget a day, dont be shy and let me know).

Once everything is finished and finalized, send me in the DM/PM the code to the card (since I’m from the US, only cards from the US will work). Once it’s confirmed, I’ll send you a .ZIP file containing all the files.


•Don’t be rude. This means no unneeded rushing, no unneeded hosility, etc. Basically if it was soemthing someone did to you you weren’t okay with, you wouldn’t do it to others.

•No NSFW. Simple enough, I won’t draw anything NSFW.



Q1: Can you change the expression/muzzle shape?

A1: Muzzle shape? Yes. I meant for this to be a gender neutral design, but if you want the regular muzzle shape just ask. Expression?Maybe. Depends on the complexity.

Q2: Can you change the race/species (alicorn, batpony, dragon, kirin, griffon, etc)?

A2: Not really. I can do alicorn OCs with either the unicorn template or pegasus template or fusions that can work with the regular templates (Example: Binky is a earth pony Zony), but aside from that— no. I’ll be mostly sticking to the main 3 races of pony.

Q3: Can you change the controller?

A3: No, I’m sorry. :(

Q4: What if I can’t get the card by the time it’s ready?

A4: Let me know, and I’ll give you at most up to a month to get the card. I’ll come in every week or so as a reminder. Also, if it’s because you’re already low on money and funds, save it. The icons can wait, use it for more importantthijgs in your life. You and your well being matter.

Q5: I changed my Mind! Can I back out?

A5: Yes! If you absolutely don’t want to go through let me know ASAP since there will be no form of refunds. Note: You will not get the finished icons if you do decide to back out, so take this is your warning before doing so.³

If you have any further question, ask me! I’ll be glad to answer. <3


¹ Please don’t try to profit off my art work. These PSDs are for your own use as well as any other parties involved. If you or someone edits it, please give proper credit by placing somewhere my username or Twitter handle— @Binkyt11.

² All previews will be watermarked and in a .JPEG format as to prevent theft before payment.

³ I will save the files just in case you do wish for me to finish them in the future.
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Also since idk if people would read this if it was in the description, this is the lowest I can possibly go. I tried finding it for $5, but there isnt any. Sorry for this being more expensive than it should be.
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