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safe1554689 artist:tonyfleecs1384 idw14136 gallus5622 ocellus4383 sandbar4539 silverstream5157 smolder6406 swift foot71 twilight sparkle279689 yona4352 alicorn190778 changedling7098 changeling39001 classical hippogriff4360 dragon46550 earth pony190218 griffon24393 hippogriff8096 pony825912 yak3734 spoiler:comic10020 spoiler:comicfeatsoffriendship0150 bedroom eyes50421 best friends598 bow23574 cheerful74 comic99885 confident537 curved horn5622 cute173550 cutie mark39529 dragoness6473 eyeshadow12645 female878756 hair bow12898 horn40368 horns4562 jewelry48962 love at first sight12 makeup17117 male298791 mare403842 monkey swings1177 necklace14725 official comic2440 pearl necklace976 preview1883 raised eyebrow6093 sandabetes470 smiling209644 speech bubble20023 stretching1996 student six1400 teenaged dragon1263 teenager4204 thracian28 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113668 young mare29


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Background Pony #BF84
Swift Foot is putting off some bad vibes. But then again that’s easily predictable in a situation like this…
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Not as funny though.

Student 5: Sandbar she's evil!

Sandbar: Yeah but she's also hot.

Student 5: She just burned down an orphanage! For cats!

Sandbar: And she looked good doing it! Guys c'mon!
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Not only is her cutie mark an upside-down horseshoe (like Trouble Shoes', a sign of bad luck), there seems to be 13 rivets in it.
Penguin Dragneel
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The Shinigami Bull
Ian Flynn, I love ya. You wrote for the best era of Sonic comics (Archie issues 160-247), so I'm gonna give you some advice.

Don't anger the shippers. Its bound to cause controversy.
Background Pony #C9C1
I love the student tween crush humor here. It's hilarious.

Anyone know where I can read this comic? I suddenly need it…