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I wanted to do a female EQG body just to have it, and I had also wanted to use her as my pawn for that because she'd be fun to design as a human, and indeed she was. Yes I am keeping tails even for girls, I like this more.

Her CM is a hair pin.

Alt version with natural hair.
safe1600552 artist:lightningbolt845 derpibooru exclusive24861 oc616735 oc only412650 oc:scene chick17 equestria girls185300 arm warmers520 belt4858 boots19504 bring me the horizon346 chains4492 choker9940 clothes419716 devil horn (gesture)476 drop dead clothing175 dyed hair78 ear piercing22570 earring18568 equestria girls-ified8730 eyeliner932 female1273165 hairpin1416 jeans3592 jewelry54013 leg warmers2239 linkin park67 looking at you149776 makeup18682 necklace16078 nose piercing2438 open mouth127527 pants12749 piercing36127 pleated skirt3980 ponied up4870 pony ears1382 ripped jeans198 scene144 shirt22044 shoes31613 simple background354523 skirt36549 snake bites189 solo992318 spiked choker1303 straps659 t-shirt3890 tailed humanization2942 tights571 transparent background183700 vector71829 wristband3254


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Fake tails are so EqG1. She'd probably just walk out if they did the Shake Your Tail stuff.

Well a snake tail would presumably be the entire lower body so a tail hole would just be the skirt as a whole, right?
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Likely. My original vision was a fake tail that clips to the belt, but over time I decided that it's real. Don't ask me how I plan to have it make sense with a snake tail.
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