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Deviantart description:
"My latest passion project. The pony gals in my comics often attempt to lose weight because they want to look attractive, fit into clothes, or compete with their rivals. To push the envelope a little, I decided to tell a story about a pony losing weight principally for health reasons.

I am part of a community of artists that glorifies large women, and though some try to deny it, that is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we promote size acceptance, which is a good thing. On the other hand, obesity can be a real health risk. Some people like to say that you can be healthy at any weight. Unfortunately, that is simply not true, and though I do not believe height and weight are good indicators of overall health, I think we should all realize that our weights can affect our health and set reasonable limits.
Anyway, Sweetie Belle, my favorite adorafatty, is about to learn the difference between a vanity diet and an obesity combat diet. There won't be any sneaking of cookies this time around."
suggestive145467 artist:lordstormcaller120 apple bloom50223 rainbow dash236166 rarity183608 scootaloo51586 sweetie belle49389 anthro264612 unguligrade anthro49289 adorafatty342 apple16511 armpits43186 blushing200958 breasts283412 busty apple bloom1774 busty rainbow dash8315 busty rarity13141 busty sweetie belle2137 chubbie belle43 chubby13336 chubby cheeks3836 clothes467170 comic110243 cute202892 cutie mark crusaders19169 dialogue66524 diet79 disgusted1227 exercise695 fat22364 fat boobs770 female1381329 food71496 fruit1073 implied shipping5106 implied straight5429 implied sweetiemash23 morbidly obese7967 my little diet2 need to go on a diet91 need to lose weight98 obese11698 overweight379 puffy cheeks3909 scales1188 skirt40380 spinach28 sports3731 stomach growl167 stomach noise3260 sweetie belly221 tennis214 that pony sure does love cookies7 workout783 workout outfit740


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Background Pony #7EC6
quit trying to put Sweetie Belle on a diet, Rarity. just let her grow to her full potential. like, 600+ pounds?