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Oh Starlight, are you alright? Let's help you how to skate… actually I can't skate well. I suck at any sports but bicycling.

This was on my Patreon work before the tier was gone. If you want to support me on Patreon please go here:
safe1706854 artist:newyorkx31287 starlight glimmer48662 unicorn323574 anthro260316 plantigrade anthro32667 accident1268 armpits42939 ass49150 breasts277779 busty starlight glimmer2433 butt58927 clothes459764 fallen34 female1363510 glimmer glutes1245 gym shorts299 legs in air3885 lying down17219 multicolored mane1558 multicolored tail1191 on back24393 purple eyes2335 purple fur76 red socks22 roller skates803 sexy29440 shorts13981 side slit1396 socks66343 solo1064519 stupid sexy starlight glimmer543 tanktop7691 tomboy1166


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Proven fact: roller skating girls get THICC because their thighs are constantly flexing hard to push yourself forward with more speed as you roll. Take it from a guy who loves jogging occasionally <3