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June 27-July 17, 2019 commission. Updated with some minor tweaks.

Pinkie introduces Fluttershy to an Earth Pony pasttime.
suggestive (111562)artist:king-kakapo (1023)fluttershy (182257)pinkie pie (187339)anthro (197932)belly (20164)belly button (58917)bikini (13558)breasts (199250)busty fluttershy (12766)busty pinkie pie (8369)cleavage (26950)clothes (350567)commission (39836)dirty (1372)mud (1982)muddy (543)quicksand (325)squishy (1759)swimsuit (20638)wet and messy (261)


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I am nothing
King-Kakapo! That been a long time ago i have seen this artist drawing some muddy/messy stuff.
I love it so much to see my adorable fav pony Fluttershy getting all dirty and muddy.
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