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Link always kills blue chuchus for their jelly, but you ever notice they don't actually attack him and are just innocently minding their own business? Figured I'd give them some revenge >:D

Fun fact, I originally couldn't decide if this image would involve slime or morths. Went with the latter because I figured nobody else had done it, but why NOT do both? :D
explicit321572 artist:badumsquish1981 derpibooru exclusive24778 quarter hearts122 pony867232 beach13537 blushing179473 chuchu7 cum73105 cumming19620 electricity683 electrostim146 helpless253 horsecock61498 island333 male337706 nudity337743 ocean5637 on back22659 orgasm10344 penis139491 pinned491 slime1830 solo990404 solo male24279 struggling901 the legend of zelda3479 the legend of zelda: the wind waker196


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Gone to Ponybooru
P-Poor Quarter Hearts, h-he's not very good at slaying monsters, is he? X3

…i-is he doing this on purpose now? D-Does he have a thing for being m-molested by monsters?
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I've noticed that. It's impressive how you manage to get across the impression of the kinds of sounds that should be heard without the use of it, honestly. Good body language goes a long way.
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I'm pretty sure we've discussed this on another pic before I think it was the picture of Feather Bangs as an incubus, but I'm not sure, but monster girl media that also has monster boys is so woefully rare.
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@Background Pony #6EDE
That's true, but this is for all the times he didn't :D

Is it any wonder he shot arrows at Tremble and asked questions later? XD

It's not electrocuting or smothering him. Just holding him down and hitting him with the ol' electrostim to get him off XD

I almost never use sound effects or onomatopoeia. I don't even put in dialogue unless I figure I absolutely can't get the context across visually :D

Corruption of Champions is great because it's one of the few monster girl settings that has monster boys too :D
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We need more quarter hearts getting fucked by various things. I'd pay to get more of this stuff.
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Background Pony #9061
Link always kills blue chuchus for their jelly
To be fair, you don't have to. Like anything Wind Waker Link stores in the Spoils Bag, Chu Jelly can be stolen non-lethally with the Grappling Hook.

This pic is still pretty good though.
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