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Yeah, he’s definitely NOT going to her for advice!
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Yeah, like they’re gonna take advice from somepony who traumatized their well-being after accidentally bringing a swarm of flash bees to their classroom!
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God, yes! She’s far from what she was like back when we first met her in season one. She’s changed so much over these past three years that she’s hardly the same character she was back when we last saw her in season three.
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Trixie’s issue in Student Counsel was Starlight taking way to much time away from her friends and stretching herself thin on doing the counseling. She was in fact very understanding of Starlight’s job and said so several times. And even admitted that she was a bit too pushy with Starlight.

A Horse Shoe-in showed that, while Trixie isn’t a good teacher, she does care about the students and their well being. Her confrontation with Grandpa Gruff clearly demonstrates this. Honestly while this a bit off topic I think people are being a bit too hard on Trixie when it comes to this episode. She isn’t any worse than usual and shows off several good qualities throughout the episode. She, much like Starlight, just wanted to work with a friend and ignored the obvious.
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As long as he’s not interrupting her attempts to muffdive on Starlight, I think things will be fine.
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