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Commissioned from Dieart77

Requested by kachito

Appreciate the time and effort that went into this. Thanks.
safe (1462456)artist:dieart77 (337)flash sentry (11199)fluttershy (187682)pinkie pie (192535)sci-twi (19490)sunset shimmer (52030)twilight sparkle (265991)equestria girls (164254)equestria girls series (25149)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9464)absurd resolution (61950)bedroom eyes (45723)blushing (158643)clothes (367390)commission (42487)converse (4616)couch (6193)cute (154779)female (789222)flashimmer (1542)flashlight (2416)flash sentry gets all the waifus (112)flutterflash (57)geode of fauna (1193)geode of sugar bombs (1318)geode of telekinesis (2164)glasses (48427)harem (738)lidded eyes (20034)lucky bastard (1873)magical geodes (5793)male (268272)pinkiesentry (62)requested art (971)sciflash (210)shipping (168922)shoes (25233)smiling (189178)sneakers (4276)straight (112076)


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