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new pony oc i made to go with a friend : ) hes a clickbaity story time youtuber
safe1588402 artist:guidomista69 artist:miiistaaa68 artist:nijimillions69 oc610473 oc only409806 oc:storytime6 earth pony206481 pony860190 blaze (coat marking)860 blue eyes4100 hooves16465 lavender76 looking at you148101 male331367 multicolored hair4472 multicolored mane1224 muzzle420 open mouth125671 palette164 purple877 realistic anatomy322 realistic horse legs685 reference sheet10715 shocked5977 short hair1692 short mane753 simple background349869 solo983810 stallion94594 standing10524 striped hair10 striped mane100 surprised8236 transparent background181482 unshorn fetlocks21862 walking4212 youtuber187


not provided yet


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MEEsta not MISSta

alright i want you to look at the results for this tag
how many wild animals do you see?? sure there's a couple of dogs but most of the results are literally normal ponies. in terms of animal art online, feral is usually just used to mean not-anthro, not on two legs. its not feral in the literal sense when its used in circles like these

if there were rules at the top specifying that the feral tag was only for uncivilized animals, id totally get you coming at me like this, but theres none, so youre basically just making up your own rules for what you think it should be
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Is he a wild animal? No? Then "feral" is not applicable, use "pony" for ponies, "quadrupedal" for other similar species like zebras, and appropriate tag doesn't actually exist last time I checked for stuff like diamond dogs and abyssinians.