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safe2115595 artist:agrol863 applejack196022 fluttershy251834 pinkie pie249804 rainbow dash272643 rarity212741 starlight glimmer58508 twilight sparkle349540 alicorn302244 earth pony421855 pegasus470249 pony1476306 unicorn511428 change your reality29 g41415473 animated121947 applejack's hat13563 cowboy hat24438 female1737281 group hug1187 hat119270 hug36316 mane six36792 smiling375910 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145911


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Background Pony #8A13
If season 9 had episodes like this, it would have solved most of its problems.
I liked that Starlight had an important role in the story.  
It was good to see her making friends with the Fluttershy of that alternative universe.
Now that I think about it, we almost never see them spending time together.