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safe1598803 screencap208558 fluttershy201230 rift axe10 sci-twi22167 spike75022 spike the regular dog2355 twilight sparkle285881 dog8650 equestria girls185013 equestria girls series29618 the road less scheduled292 the road less scheduled: fluttershy131 spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2)1321 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12309 background human6174 boots19466 choker9911 clothes419126 crystal skull staff38 cute183311 ear piercing22529 earring18536 eyeshadow13728 female1271687 fingerless gloves4101 flutterpunk159 geode of telekinesis2527 gloves17825 high heel boots4935 jewelry53885 lipstick9888 magical geodes7549 makeup18627 male338000 midriff18350 piercing36070 ponytail16118 ripped pants403 shoes31527 shyabetes12179 skull2746 sleeveless3530 spike's dog collar306 tanktop7014


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Background Pony #1CD1
Fluttershy, you’re no longer the sweet innocent girl. You have now become a FUCKIN' BADASS!
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