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There is quite alot Gloryjack pics out there, but I haven’t seen any art of Glory and Tenebra together.  
Which is kinda wierd from the perspective of the Project Horizons story.  
Those two really need some love ^^
suggestive165211 artist:awgear123 oc798903 oc only591099 oc:morning glory (project horizons)515 oc:tenebra (project horizons)1 bat pony60259 pegasus374225 pony1247611 fallout equestria19684 fallout equestria: project horizons3497 3d95202 4k2561 bat pony oc23085 bat wings12877 bed47607 bedroom eyes68844 blue mane1890 blue tail464 dashite502 eyebrows13051 fanfic10818 fanfic art16337 female1536981 glorybra1 gray coat499 hooves21635 lesbian105625 lying down28481 mare578353 open mouth183728 pillow21268 purple eyes3657 purple mane990 purple tail283 source filmmaker56052 spread wings69055 standing over47 this will end in snu snu618 wide eyes18346 wings158563 yellow eyes2738


not provided yet


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