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Wanted to paint a potential new Celestia print.
She's fun to paint. Out of the princesses she's my most often chosen one to paint. I guess her colours lend herself well to my approach.
Anyhow, I also chose to try and get some human features in for practice. Can always use that. Been fun doing this more classic painting style, it's actually one that's been with me the longest. It's just that all those years I adapt, change and learn it.

My darn pose and angle choices tho… (I make poses from imagination)Both love and hate. They tricky because I'm unfamiliar with them, but that's exactly why I should make them.
Also hands.

Approx Time: ~7 hours?
Photoshop CC
WIP Progression

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safe1553400 artist:assasinmonkey775 princess celestia88951 alicorn190652 anthro225578 clothes400149 eyeshadow12636 female877809 horn40323 long horn356 looking at you140281 makeup17105 mare403494 painting3193 ponytail15185 realistic1910 shirt20546 smiling209348 solo958138 spread wings46728 wings71721


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