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safe (1413265)artist:imalou (388)big macintosh (24850)bright mac (939)colt (11019)cute (145360)drawthread (1386)earth pony (143619)father and son (633)freckles (20105)grin (27562)hat (63447)male (253143)/mlp/ (7820)monochrome (133561)plow (78)pony (677873)smiling (180278)stallion (71324)straining (101)struggling (664)sweat (19571)unshorn fetlocks (18347)younger (13691)


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Background Pony #C932
You could make this really sad by putting it in a thought bubble belonging to a grown up Big Mac while he plows, alone.

Or maybe have the same setup, but with grown up Big Mac replacing Bright Mac and Apple Bloom replacing young Big Mac.

Really tugs at the heartstrings both ways.
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