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Commissions by Cornelia_Nelson!

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Prance Getaway "Short comics"

Commission by Dawnshine

Rarity have a dream , it's to go at some great convention of mode in france . Rainbow dash have find an last ticket just for his friend . Enjoys the ride in france Rarity :) ! My lovely country ( when you are not into a big town x) )

The real first time than i publish an short comics like that , inspired by Urbanator than i really like how he creat short context with some frame . I've already do some picture like that in the past but they was for the school and lost in some ssd

I can do safe content you know , i'm not only a monster . I'm really proud of this one .

And i guess propose this concept of picture for other commission but it's for an other tier because it's a lot of work in more . I redo my price list for the next month .

safe1654842 artist:hooves-art1113 rainbow dash228130 rarity177270 unicorn302230 anthro249324 3d71417 4k1608 alternate hairstyle26714 armpits42304 belly button73947 big breasts77608 boop7150 bread1338 breasts264809 busty rainbow dash7829 busty rarity12165 cafe530 clothes441155 comics247 commission63068 cup6020 feet38109 female1318360 food66938 high heels10533 lesbian93890 magic70682 midriff18858 noseboop2703 ponytail16976 raridash1874 sandals4081 sexy27852 shipping193588 shoes34246 shorts13286 source filmmaker43725 stupid sexy rainbow dash2431 stupid sexy rarity1172 tanktop7301 tea2978 teacup2795 teapot962


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Virtually real pony.
My lovely country ( when you are not into a big town x)
Don't worry, even the little towns are getting there slowly.
And I legit feel bad for all those Japaneses tourists coming to Paris and expecting the city to be as nice/clean/safe as it was before the 70s.