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Some rainbow colored horses in honor of pride month as well as showing of some ships (most of which are future canon ships) 

Marigold and Moxie are both older in this pic which is why Marigold has her scar.

Snap Apple: Lesbian     Silver Lining: Pansexual
Petite Choux: Bisexual and Gender fluid     Red Velvet: Pansexual

Marigold: Demisexual Lesbian     Moxie Fizzelpop: Bisexual
Black Twig Apple and Riposte: two big ol gays

What characters do you want me to do next?
safe (1446733)artist:vindhov (263)oc (533634)oc:black twig apple (7)oc:marigold twinkle (19)oc:moxie fizzlepop (4)oc only (367998)oc:petit choux (15)oc:red velvet (101)oc:riposte (21)oc:silver lining (343)oc:snap apple (20)earth pony (154448)pegasus (194236)pony (714488)unicorn (210959)bust (32135)clothes (362183)female (776232)gay (23087)gradient background (9172)kissing (20372)kiss on the cheek (1223)lesbian (83267)magical lesbian spawn (8597)male (263439)mare (345397)missing eye (122)oc x oc (11248)offspring (29210)offspring shipping (686)pansexual (107)parent:applejack (2807)parent:big macintosh (2166)parent:cheerilee (315)parent:donut joe (138)parent:pinkie pie (3154)parent:princess cadance (1177)parent:rainbow dash (4388)parent:rarity (3067)parents:cheerimac (234)parent:shining armor (1042)parent:soarin' (1944)parents:rarijoe (51)parents:shiningcadance (724)parents:soarinjack (125)parents:tempestrix (9)parents:trouble pie (39)parents:twiburst (166)parent:sunburst (709)parents:windash (22)parent:tempest shadow (1680)parent:trixie (1515)parent:troubleshoes clyde (290)parent:twilight sparkle (6326)parent:wind rider (20)pride (826)pride flag (395)scar (8704)scarf (18156)scarred (97)shipping (166864)stallion (75167)straw in mouth (625)


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